Product Design Engineering Work
Typically I am the lead mechanical engineer, working closely with industrial design consultants and client engineers. I specialize in plastic and sheetmetal design for consumer electronics using Pro/e. I also have a deep interest in ecodesign.

All the following products were designed by Montgomery Pfeifer Inc.
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Socket Communications, various Bluetooth devices, 2002-2005
Strict size and durability requirements had to be met within a roughly 2 month timeframe. Semiweekly meetings resulted in rapid, often drastic, design changes.
sgi (Silicon Graphics Inc), various rack and deskside solutions, 1999-2003
Designed injection molded, sheetmetal, and extruded parts. Also used dampened hinge mechanisms, unique lighting effects, modular parts, and large part tolerance analysis. Small production run allowed for labor intensive thick cast parts for optical illusion effect.
Logitech, multimedia speakers, digital cameras, 1998-2003
Speakers with strict rigidity and pressure sealing requirements. Surface models for video camera created in 3 hours.
soundmatters and Liquidmetal, multimedia and automobile speakers, 2000-2005
Worked with insane German scientist designing various audio products. Most recent used innovative material and patented speaker technology, creating high performance audio product in relatively miniscule form factor. (not pictured)
Microsoft, Xbox 2 controller study, 2003
Numerous drawings and foam models were refined to four CAD models. CAD models used to create CNC prototypes for international focus groups.
Thomson (previously Left Coast Learning), 2002-2005
Function driven form for system to hold paper flipcards onto the side of a computer monitor. Extensive prototyping and development led to two leaps in evolution of product. Inspected tooled first articles in Guangdong, China.
Other projects include:
  • Sun Microsystems, rack servers
  • Lifescan, blood glucose meters and lancets
  • Quantum (previously Meridian Data), networked hard drives
  • Digital Persona, desktop fingerprint scanner
  • Orbital Data, rack system
  • solarmotions, solar race car